Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Oh Crepe!

So here was the beginning to a beautiful Thanksgiving inspired lunch. We made crepes thanks to a handy dandy application on my love's iphone... and now I've saved it in my "notes" section in my phone.

Simple Crepes: (this is for savory)

1/2 Cup Soy/Almond/choice of milk
2/3 Cup of Water
1/4 Cup of Earth Balance Butter (they have a soy-free version now!)
1 Cup of Flour
Pinch of Salt

For the Sweet version, omit the salt...unless you want it for contrast and add
2 tbs Vanilla Extract

and if necessary, you may add more water (2 tbs) to thin out your batter.

Crepes are best when you have chilled the batter...so before you pour some on your hot non-stick pan, prep your fillings and let.the batter.chill! Once it has, make sure it spreads evenly. Just like pancakes, you might have to wait till the third one to reach perfection. I'm sure this has to do with oil to pan to heat ratio.

Okay...for the savory...we stuffed them with simply salt and peppered potatoes and a hint of basil...mmm! and had lovely stuffing on the side with home-made gravy to sauce it up.

Tip of the day: when garnishing plates, try to incorporate an ingredient that is related to your dish. For example, mine is garnished with basil. It would be silly to garnish with cilantro since there is no cilantro in my dish. This is a common exercise with mint on deserts...if there isn't any in the dish, don't decorate with it silly!

For the sweet, I had a banana with chocolate like your typical sweet crepe (fruit filling with nutella... I used a non-dairy version of a dark chocolate spread from World Market).

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